TIL Participated in Vibrant Gujarat 2013 Summit

18 January 2013

The Vibrant Gujarat 2013 Summit became an example of a visionary approach of the Government of Gujarat towards inclusive and sustainable development. The sixth edition of the summit provided enormous prospects to the State to display its strengths, progressive stand, initiatives taken to improve governance, investor friendly climate and art and culture of Gujarat.

Inclusive development being the prime focus, the key areas for development identified included: Innovation, Sustainability, Youth and Skill Development, Knowledge Sharing and Networking. These major areas infused through more than 127 events organized under the aegis of Vibrant Gujarat 2013 Summit.

In the run up to the Vibrant Gujarat 2013 Summit, the government planned a number of events in the form of seminars, conventions, panel discussions, lecture series, exhibitions, and other innovative forums for discussions, brainstorming sessions and interactions. The events were carefully planned to reach out to a larger audience and provide a common platform to think-tanks, academia, industrialists and government officials to analyse and suggest avenues for Gujarat to take leadership roles especially in the field of innovation and sustainability.

The state of Gujarat, known as the Growth Engine of India, is now moving towards leadership in knowledge advancements based on the pillars of innovation and sustainability.

The Vibrant Gujarat 2013 Summit was transformational and revolutionary – both in its coverage and scale. It provided a platform for various states of India and other countries to cooperate and explore attractive business opportunities.

A total of 2,100 delegates from 121 countries attending 127 seminars on different topics, forging 2,670 strategic partnership intentions is a rare achievement.

With the Vibrant Gujarat 2013 Summit, ‘Brand Gujarat’ established bonding with people from around the globe.