A ground-breaking nutraceutical formula for bone health Combines calcium, vitamin D with  ipriflavone. Not only helps maintain bone strength, but also is shown to stimulate the formation of new bone cells

Calflavone is formulated with a two-fold purpose:
1) To help young adult women optimize peak bone mass to reduce risk of osteoporosis later in life, &
2) To help slow the rate of bone loss in menopausal women, and women those with a family history of osteoporosis.

Calflavone features Ipriflavone, the only non-hormonal nutrient shown to help maintain bone strength and stimulate the formation of new bone cells when taken with calcium. In addition, Calcium and vitamin D support bone mineral density.

Studies with ipriflavone, an isoflavone-derivative, show it can enhance bone formation and inhibit bone breakdown. It is added to this bone support formula for patients at highest risk of osteoporosis who are under regular clinical supervision. Inadequate calcium intake is a well-known risk factor for osteoporosis, a progressive bone disease influenced by age, sex, race, exercise, and many other dietary and lifestyle choices.

Give your bones the best! A cut above regular bone-health supplements.

What is Osteoporosis?

Normal Bone                                                         Osteoporotic Bone

Osteoporosis means “porous bone.” If you look at healthy bone under a microscope, you will see that parts of it look like a honeycomb. If you have osteoporosis, the holes and spaces in the honeycomb are much bigger than they are in healthy bone. This means your bones have vigrx plus permanent lost density or mass. It also means that the structure of your bone tissues has become abnormal. As your bones become less dense, they become weaker.

For some people affected by the disease, simple activities such as lifting a child, bending down to pick up a newspaper, bumping into furniture or even sneezing can cause a bone to break. A person with osteoporosis is most likely to break a bone in the hip, spine or wrist. However, other bones may also be affected by the disease.

If you’re age 50 or older and have broken a bone, you should talk to your doctor or other healthcare provider about getting a bone density test. This is the case, even if you break a bone after a serious accident. Broken bones are often related to osteoporosis, except for breaks in the fingers, toes, face and skull.


There are no symptoms in the early stages of the disease.

Symptoms occurring late in the disease includes:

  • Bone pain or tenderness fractures with little or no trauma
  • Loss of height (as much as 6 inches) over time
  • Low back pain due to fractures of the spinal bones
  • Neck pain due to fractures of the spinal bones


The goals of osteoporosis treatment are to:

  • Control pain from the disease
  • Slow down or stop bone loss
  • Prevent bone fractures with medicines that strengthen bone
  • Minimize the risk of falls that might cause fractures

What Does Calflavone contains?

Nutritional Information Each tablet serves
Ipriflavone 300 mg
Calcium Carbonate 1000 mg
(Eq to elemental calcium) 400 mg
Cholecalciferol D3 200 IU


  1. During peri-menopausal period for the prevention of progression towards post menopausal osteoporosis

  2. During postmenopausal period for the treatment pf postmenopausal osteoporosis (natural and surgical menopause).

  3. Relieves bone pain associated with osteoporosis.


One tablet twice daily