Astymin SN

Astymin-SN contains all ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS & NON-ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS with Xylitol. Astymin-SN is a total Amino acids infusion formulated as per WHO/FAO recommendations. The composition is also in accordance with VUJ-N mixture and human plasma serum concentration.

With the addition of Insulin independent Xylitol, Astymin-SN delivers protein sparing effect. Astymin-SN increases protein synthesis, improves nutritional status and builds body resistance. In conditions of HIGH NITROGEN & PROTEIN NEEDS, Astymin-SN is an ideal formula.

What Does Astymin SN contains?

Nutritional Information Each ml serves
L-Isoleucine 5.6 mg
L-Leucine 12.5 mg
L-Lysine Hydrochloride 11 mg
L-Methionine 3.5 mg
L-Phenylalanine 9.35 mg
L-Threonine 6.5 mg
L-Tryptophan 1.3 mg
L-Valine 4.5 mg
L-Alanine 6.2 mg
L-Arginine Hydrochloride 9.55 mg
L-Aspartic Acid 3.8 mg
L-Cysteine Hydrochloride 1.45 mg
L-Glutamic Acid 6.5 mg
L-Histidine Hydrochloride H2O 8.11 mg
L-Proline 3.3 mg
L-Serine 2.2 mg
L-Tyrosine 0.35 mg


10.7 mg
Xylitol 50 mg
Water for Injections q.s.

Contents per 200 ml

Total Amino acids 21.282 gm
Total Essential Amino acids 10.850 gm
Total Non Essential Amino acids 10.432 gm
Total Branched Chain Amino acids 22.60%
Total Nitrogen Content 3.04 gm
High Biological Value Protein Content 19.0 gm
E/N Ratio 1
Energy Content 135 cal


Internal Medicine

  1. Persistent Pyrexial States
  2. Severe Malnutrition
  3. Malignant Diseases
  4. Malabsorption in G.I Disorders


  1. Pre and Postoperative conditions.
  2. Burns
  3. Accidental trauma
  4. Fracture of long bones

Dosage & Administration:

Adults: 200 – 800 ml I.V. /day
Children: 0.2- 0.25 gm of Nitrogen/kg body weight
Drip Rate: 15 – 20 Drops initially followed by 30-40 Drops per minute

Recommended Energy Requirements:

Recommended simultaneous calorie supply is 150-200 cal. /gm of Nitrogen


Signs of intolerance and increased renal losses resulting in AMINO ACID
disequilibrium are possible if infusion rate is too high.


Cardiac insufficiency, Irreversible liver damage.


Infusion bottle of 200 ml